Roll Out on the Royal Mile: Success!

From the Scottish Parliament in Holyrood up to the junction of the Bridges, the Scottish Section of the pink peace scarf gave a colourful lift and powerful message along the Royal mile on Saturday, 28 June.

With the aid of more than 100 volunteers, the scarf drew the attention of shoppers, tourists and local residents alike. Many stopped to take a leaflet and talk about the campaign’s goal of a nuclear-free Scotland. Many joined in on the spot to help hold the scarf and later to sing in Parliament Square.

A huge thank you to the hundreds of knitters and crocheters who contributed to the scarf and all the organisers, stewards and other volunteers who helped make the day a success.

Here are some images from what was a fantastic day. Thanks Jane and Kim for the photos. (click on small photos for a larger image.)

Not quite enough people to hold the scarf, so we doubled up, 28 Jun 14Banner outside ParliamentRoyal Mile Roll Out, 28 Jun 14The long scarf14374133049_07f1dde951_k14580818443_1778283845_k14557319871_a2725af052_k14374275767_cdd452f8c6_kThe scarf stretched further than we thought it would, 28 Jun 14Sprinkles of rain as we pass St Giles, 28 Jun 14Lots of interest in the campaign from people passing by, 28 Jun 14So many shades of pink, 28 Jun 14Beautiful scarf on display, 28 Jun 14Plenty of supporters along the route, 28 Jun 14Many ways to hold a scarf, 28 Jun 14Heading to the Royal Mile, 28 Jun 14Getting ready to go on George IV Bridge, 28 Jun 14Getting ready for the Royal Mile roll out, 28 Jun 1414374046940_fc88bf0b2a_h14537646026_3b67d6ecf2_k14374044540_545087c21f_k











3 thoughts on “Roll Out on the Royal Mile: Success!

  1. So so so excited, fantastic pictures….I feel like you have officially started the countdown now – really creating a buzz – in awe of you all!!

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